• Our web-based application allow you to work from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Even beginners can use ScheduLogic with relative ease because we identify the best approach, and the program leads the user through a logical sequence of steps and furnishes a list of the most promising choices at each juncture. It then gives details about each of those potential selections so the best decision for your school is made by schedulers - people who know the culture, character, students, teachers, curriculum, facilities, and needs of the school.
  • It has the capacity to greatly limit the number of students forced into alternative courses, yielding happier students and parents. Our research has consistently demonstrated that an effective schedule boosts student performance and satisfaction – leading to better recruitment and retention.
  • If "drop/adds" are required, all feasible moves are identified on one graphic screen, and changes are made rapidly on the same screen.
  • It is highly feasible to complete the entire process well before the current school year ends. And with the schedule finished, students and parents can sign off on individual schedules and head off for the summer. (This goes a long way toward reducing requests for drop/adds ... and teachers can plan knowingly for the upcoming school year.)
  • The charges vary by the size of the school's enrollment in grades 9 through 12, thus reflecting the degree of complexity that we find in larger private-independent schools. Furthermore, the lower fees charged to smaller schools create proportional affordability to all.
  • At all levels, the cost per student is a small fraction of the typical expense of one upper division textbook!!