A Powerful Scheduling Solution For Private Schools

Working directly with private-independent schools for nearly 40 years has led us to creating ScheduLogic - a web-based program the takes full advantage of all the experience, innovation and creativity that have made us the industry leader in private-independent school scheduling.

A well-designed and processed schedule is a tactical tool helping private-independent schools to excel. It impacts programs, students, teachers, facilities, and all types of time in every division of a school:

  • number and length of meetings
  • multiple terms, each using different kinds of time such as block design or immersion
  • days in a cycle
  • starting, closing, breaks, lunch, and transportation
  • the calendar of the school year

In addition, the schedule must address all parameters that impact programs and services (academic and non-academic), as well as individual needs. Private-independent schools are prone to facilities and teachers overlapping divisions, singleton courses that dominate, and a plethora of parameters, yet they continually add courses -

  • as a result of parent and student pressure
  • in a desire to at least match the competition
  • under pressure from faculty to include the offerings they know and love

But with each addition, existing programs are rarely reduced or eliminated.

Don't forget that co-curricular offerings in sports, drama, music, and the arts have significantly increased, and all impact the schedule. An efficient design, optimally implemented, can eliminate or at least deter demand for additional space and expensive construction.